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Xcape Wellness Studios opened in May 2014. We are a small family owned, but rapidly growing  new concept that is poised to become the place for the ultimate relaxing and wellness experience through a more holistic self healing approach. Our goal is to allow your body to heal itself. Now you can enjoy several unique services all under one roof that are designed to both relax and detoxify your body leaving you with a feeling of renewed energy and rejuvenation. At Xcape Wellness Studios we are committed to providing you with the very best alternative medicine services the industry has to offer. Our staff  are some of the most well trained, knowledgeable and experienced therapists in the Minneapolis/St. Paul  area. We offer a very elegant, quiet state of the art facility, new equipment, software, products and services in order to provide you with the very best overall experience during your visit to Xcape Wellness Studios.

5757 EGAN DRIVE  SAVAGE, MN 55378    (952) 226-3373

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      5757 EGAN DRIVE


      SAVAGE, MN 55378

      (952) 226-3373